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Lawn Aeration Service & Overseeding

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In addition to regular lawn mowing and proper fertilization and weed control, lawn aeration and overseeding are one of the most important steps to take to improve and maintain your turf. Smith Landscaping offers lawn aeration and overseeding services throughout Northeast Ohio which helps to keep lawns lush and green all year long.

What is lawn aeration and overseeding?

Lawn Aeration relieves the compaction that our Northeast Ohio soil is famous for, allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system of your lawn.

Aeration also leaves perfect pockets for the seed to establish and take root. Overseeding at the same time as aeration provides the most benefit to your lawn and gives the seed the best chance for germination. Smith Landscaping only uses certified Tall Fescue seed, the best seed money can buy.

How often should turf be aerated and overseeded?

Turf in Ohio should be aerated and overseeded once a year, early fall being the best time for this service.

Lawn Aeration Service

Contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule your lawn aeration and overseeding service! We provide landscaping services including lawn aeration and overseeding in Salem, Canfield, Alliance, and Minerva as well as surrounding areas throughout the Mahoning Valley.