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Outdoor Kitchen Designs & Installation

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Smith Landscaping has experience installing outdoor kitchens. We work on simple built-in grill counters to fully custom outdoor kitchen pavilions that can host your largest party or cookout, even in inclement weather. Each backyard is different and our outdoor living space designers will create a custom space for you that increases the entertaining area of your home and will become a favorite gathering spot for your friends and family.

Outdoor kitchens offer so much more than just the charcoal or gas grill you grew up with. Properly designed and installed outdoor kitchens include everything you need to create entire meals and provide a fun experience for your guests. Gas grills, charcoal grills, smokers, pizza ovens, warming drawers, refrigerators, sinks, ice makers, and built-in bars are all available to add functionality to your space. Low and high voltage lighting fixtures will keep your party going long after the sun goes down. An outdoor kitchen can actually provide more versatility than your indoor kitchen and will add entertainment options you have never had before.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

  • Outdoor kitchen with built-in appliances and pergola Built-in appliances
  • Pergola and Outdoor Kitchen Stone-face Cabinets
  • Outdoor kitchen guest area Bar Top
  • Outdoor bar height counter Bar height counter
  • Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Area Kitchen and Bar Area
  • Magic burner built into countertop Built-in Burner
  • Outdoor Kitchen Cooking and Grilling Area Grilling Area
  • Outdoor kitchen appliances Outdoor Appliances
  • Big Green Egg built-in Big Green Egg
  • Outdoor grilling area and under cabinet refrigerator Outdoor grilling area
  • Outdoor kitchen gas Grill built-in under pergola Outdoor Gas Grill
  • Granite countertop with custom built-in grill Granite Countertop
  • Poolside Kitchen and Fireplace Poolside Kitchen
  • Pool pavilion outdoor kitchen and fireplace Pool Pavilion

Outdoor Kitchen Design Process

Smith Landscaping is happy to provide all of our customers with a free initial consultation. During this 30-45 minute meeting, one of our designers will listen to your ideas, make suggestions based on those ideas, and take measurements and pictures of your site. Please have a plat ready to help us in the design process.

Some things to consider and discuss with your designer regarding your outdoor kitchen design plans:

  • Grill/Smoker/Pizza oven options – The choices are endless.
  • Countertop options – Be sure you have enough counter space to prep and cook your meals. You will want to limit the trips back inside the house. Popular options are granite or other natural stone.
  • Cabinet Options – Just like your indoor kitchen, storage space is very important for your outdoor kitchen. Be sure you have enough space to store all of your utensils, cookware, and cooks tools.
  • Flooring/Decking Options – At grade kitchens often use natural stone or concrete for the floor. Raised kitchens can be built on composite or IPE decking, or natural stone.
  • Refrigeration Options – Do you want the ability to prep and store food outside? Want cold drinks at hand? There are lots of refrigeration and ice maker options.
  • Outdoor Lighting – Proper lighting is critical for a safe and comfortable outdoor kitchen. Lighting will also maximize the time you have to use your kitchen. Our designers can go over different options with you.
  • Heaters – There are various electric and natural gas or propane-powered heaters that can be built into your kitchen to provide year-round comfort.

How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen

What makes a great outdoor kitchen?

Luxury outdoor kitchen design ideas include built-in stovetops, sink islands, built-in grills, dishwashers and even bar stools. Countertop materials include granite, cast iron, stainless steel and more. The most popular countertop material is granite as it is extremely durable and you can customize the color to match your home. Some people love the natural look of granite while others prefer the dark gray or black finishes. You can find many different size countertops so you can customize your kitchen with the perfect size and shape for your countertop needs.

Appliances for your outdoor kitchen design can include built-in refrigerators, stovetops, bar stools, sinks and cooktops. For durability, outdoor kitchen design is all about the cabinets. Your cabinets need to be water-resistant and easy to clean. The most durable type of material for outdoor kitchen design is wood as it is weatherproof and durable. Cedar outdoor kitchen cabinets will withstand rain and snow, and repel insects. Make sure you choose cabinets with an internal locking mechanism for added security and peace of mind when using your storage space.

Start Your Outdoor Kitchen & Landscaping Project

Smith Landscaping is here to walk you through every step of the design/build process, let us build the outdoor kitchen pavilion of your dreams. We service Salem, Alliance, Canfield, and surrounding areas throughout Northeast Ohio. Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation for your outdoor kitchen.

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