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Outdoor Retaining Walls – Design & Installation

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Retaining walls serve many purposes in the landscape. Outdoor retaining walls can be structural or ornamental in design, serve as focal points, or be a less visible part of the hardscape that helps create the proper grade and elevation changes of your landscape.

Smith Landscaping designs build and install retaining walls out of many materials and in many styles. Our team has years of experience with designing and installing outdoor retaining walls for both residential and commercial landscapes. The available materials and styles include:

  • Dry stacked stone walls
  • CMU walls with stone veneer
  • Paver wall systems
  • Pressure-treated timber walls
  • Custom brick retaining walls

Residential Retaining Wall Design

Besides deciding on wall material, important considerations need to be given to proper drainage solutions, erosion control, and how grade changes will affect your property in general. Whether you need a dry-stacked stone wall to complement your landscape or a paver wall system or a timber wall to create planting tiers on a slope, our designers can come up with the perfect solution and then the perfect installation for your property. Don’t forget to integrate outdoor lighting within your retaining wall for dramatic effect when the sun goes down.

  • Dry Stacked Stone Dry Stacked Stone
  • Mortared Stone Wall Mortared Stone Wall
  • Stone Wall with Caps Stone Wall with Caps
  • Stone Wall With Cap Stone Wall With Cap
  • Stone Wall Stone Wall
  • Retaining Wall with Drainage Retaining Wall with Drainage
  • Stone Wall End Cap Stone Wall End Cap
  • Terrace Planting Beds Terrace Planting Beds
  • Pressure Treated Timber Walls Pressure Treated Timber Walls
  • Stone Veneer Wall Stone Veneer Wall
  • Custom Wall Integrated Seating Custom Wall Integrated Seating
  • Stone Wall Stone Wall
  • Irregular Stone Wall Irregular Stone Wall

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