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Drainage & Grading Solutions

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Proper yard drainage and grading are critical, not only for the health of your landscape but for the integrity of your most valuable investment, your home. Some residential and commercial yard drainage and grading solutions available include:

  • French drain design and installation
  • Catch basin design and installation
  • Downspout and gutters
  • Sump pump outflow piping installation
  • Dry creek bed installation
  • Grading or natural swale creation

Yard Drainage & Grading Services

We offer custom landscape drainage and grading services and solutions on both residential and commercial properties throughout the Mahoning Valley including Salem, Canfield, and Alliance. If your property suffers from standing water, patio flooding, erosion from runoff water, or improper water flow, contact us today to learn more about available drainage and grading solutions.

  • Landscape Drainage Solutions
  • Dry Creek Bed
  • Catch Basin
  • Dry Creek Bed Water Feature
  • Catch Basin Piping Installation
  • Catch Basin Installation

Frequently Asked Questions About Yard Drainage

Many property owners we work with ask questions about yard drainage issues. Poor backyard drainage affects many homeowners. Drainage problems are often the result of the slope or pitch in a yard that prevents the water runoff to drain properly. It’s not a complicated problem to fix with the right solutions and tools.

How do I fix bad drainage in my yard?

Some homeowners believe that if they simply “dig up their yard” that they can avoid drainage issues entirely. While it is true that digging up your yard will solve many drainage issues, it is also true that in most cases it will end up being more expensive to correct than it was to begin with. Landscapers have the ability to solve many problems, and while it is true that they may not be able to prevent flooding on your property, they are perfectly capable of preventing large plant debris from making it into catch basins and downspouts. If you have any questions about whether or not your property should have a catch basin or how to best position your trees so that they do not cause these unsightly water collecting spots, a good landscaper is happy to help!

What is a catch basin?

A catch basin is an underground drain with the sole purpose of gathering rainwater from your yard via a series of drainage pipes. Catch basins can be found in residential areas as well as in commercial properties. Your landscaping professional will assess your property to determine the size and where the catch basin should be installed. They will also ensure that all local building codes are followed as a drainage system installed incorrectly may pose serious safety hazards to you, your property and/or employees.

What are the benefits to having a catch basin installed?

Catch basins are necessary for storm drainage or excessive water running from a hillside or driveway. This water flows to a drainage pipe, which then takes the water to a central location or a dry well. A dry well is similar to a catch basin but the water instead drains and is absorbed back into the ground.

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