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Outdoor Steps, Stairs, and Pathways – Design and Installation

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Hardscaping is a critical part of a properly designed and functional landscape. Steps, stairs, and pathways are the most basic hardscape elements, yet their importance can’t be ignored. These elements give access from your home, patio, or deck to the outdoor landscape or can serve as transition areas between different sections of your property.

Smith Landscaping installs dozens of these projects every year and we would be happy to work with you on the proper planning and installation of these important hardscape components. Some materials to consider for your outdoor stairs, steps, pathway or walkway may be:

  • Flagstone
  • Fieldstone
  • Brick
  • Gravel
  • Pavers

All of these materials have their place, depending on the style of your home and surrounding landscape. Within each material category, dozens of other choices are available in regards to color, texture, stone or paver size and shape. Let one of our designers guide you through the various pathways, walkways, and staircase design options and show you what we are capable of installing within your landscape.

If you’re looking to add stairs, steps, or a pathway to your residential or commercial landscape, our team would love to work with you on your property. Contact us today!

Outdoor Stairs & Steps

  • Fieldstone Steps Fieldstone Steps
  • Brick Steps Brick Steps
  • Stone Step Entrance Stone Step
  • Stone Steps & Wrought Iron Railing Stone Steps
  • Outdoor Stone Entrance Steps Entrance Steps
  • Field Stone Steps Field Stone
  • Stone Steps with 2" thermal treads 2″ thermal treads
  • Stacked stone steps Stacked stone
  • Flagstone Stairs Flagstone Stairs
  • Stone Steps and patio Stone Steps
  • Stone Steps and Irregular Stone Patio Irregular Stone
  • Custom Stone Steps and Walkway Custom Stone Steps
  • Stone Stair Treads Stair Treads
  • Fieldstone Steps Fieldstone Steps
  • Stone Steps Stone Steps
  • Fieldstone Steps Fieldstone Steps
  • Bluestone treads and blend veneer Bluestone treads

Outdoor Pathways & Walkways

  • River rock and fieldstone stepper path River rock
  • Paver Walkway Paver Walkway
  • Dimensional flagstone walkway Dimensional flagstone
  • Fieldstone and Stepper Path Stepper Path
  • Dimensional Stone Walkway Dimensional Stone
  • Irregular Stone Pathway Irregular Stone
  • Dimensional Paver Walkway Dimensional Paver
  • Custom walkway, steps, and landing Custom walkway
  • Flagstone Stoop and Walkway Flagstone Stoop
  • Dimensional Flagstone Walkways Dimensional Flagstone
  • Riverjack and fieldstone stepper path Riverjack and fieldstone

What is the best stone for a stone pathway?

If you are like many people out there and you enjoy taking care of your yard, garden, and patios, you may have contemplated what is the best stone for a stone pathway. While most people have heard of flagstone and red brick, few know that there are other options when it comes to paving your yard or patio. While many people use these two popular options for paving their yards and patios, you may be surprised at how well you can do things without using these other options. Read on to learn more about the various options you have when it comes to what is the best stone for a stone pathway.

One of the first options you have when it comes to what is the best stone for a stone pathway is to use black flagstone. Black flagstone is the hardest type of stone you can find and it makes a great base for any other paving you might want to do. You can do paths that feature decorative stone flower beds, or you can just use black flagstone as a base for a walkway or patio. It will take some doing to make sure that black flagstone is the only color you use, but you will want to stay in the black unless you want to have a beautiful walkway with white flagstone.

Red brick is another option that you have when it comes to what is the best stone for a stone pathway. Red brick is not always the easiest type of stone to work with, but if you do your research you will find that working with red brick can be very rewarding because it provides a unique look that no other paving stones can provide. Red brick is also good for use around a patio, but if you are planning to use it as a walkway, you will need to use caution and make sure that you do not use too much of it because bricks can get very cold. The good thing is that it does add a lot of character to your yard, and you will be able to enjoy it more than if you had used white pavement or black asphalt.

Video: How to Install a Rustic Stone Walkway

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